I believe in empowering people through good information. It’s up to content creators to find creative and effective ways to deliver it. From deconstructing dense data to explaining convoluted laws, I’ve created pieces that are easy to understand with the constraints of social media characters — but I’ve also taken advantage of the unlimited space that comes with a web experience.

Hi! It’s me from atop Mount Ellinor in the east Olympics!

As for a personal introduction: I am a semi-recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, who loves reading and exploring. My hometown is the 901, AKA Memphis, Tennessee. Go Grizzlies! I moved to the Seattle area four years ago for a job in journalism and have been sharing stories ever since.

I love working in Washington. As a journlalist, the stories seem endless, from the tech boom to the state’s fascinating geological features. But recently, I’ve decided to try something a little different.

When not researching or planning a project, you’ll find me somewhere in the mountains. Through my outdoor adventures in Western Washington came a renewed interest in sustainability, conservancy, and science.

So I took a job as Social Media Manager for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. I work with the people and projects in DNR to provide emergency wildfire information, showcase our recreational opportunities, educate about our forests, and share information about earthquake and landslide hazards — to list a few.  And I tell these stories through a mature social media content and video strategy that resonates with the public.

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