About Ashli

Hi there. My name is Ashli.

As for a personal introduction: I am a semi-recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, living and producing news in Seattle for KIRO 7 News. My hometown is the 901, AKA Memphis, Tennessee. Go Grizzlies!

I love working in Seattle. The political landscape, city’s emerging marijuana industry, and tech boom provides endless questions for a curious journalist. See some of my samples here. The Seattle market’s thirst for fast news on mobile devices puts me in a great position deliver as digital producer, especially when it comes to breaking news on social media and our digital platforms.

And outside of the newsroom, it’s just stunning out here! Check out this photo I took of Mount Rainier.

So why is this portfolio available? This website is used to share my work for fellowships and conferences. So, if you’re looking for some specific samples or a resume from me, then you’re in the right place.

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter, @AshliKIRO7, and on LinkedIn! You can also contact me at ashliblow@gmail.com.